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Dorset Groundsman Association

"Calling All Groundsmen - Your County Needs You!"

The Dorset Association of Cricket Groundsmen (DACG) is now in its third season and has some twenty five members. We have been established through the generous sponsorship of Channel 4 television and the ECB to help you, the hard pressed and mainly volunteers, who brave the slings and arrows of mostly uninformed comment, to prepare the best cricket pitches possible.

You cope with inclement weather, suffer disease, rabbits and vandals to name but a few, so why let a lack of knowledge or the lack of adequate equipment, make your job even more difficult. We have the means to make your lives easier. Our two County pitch advisors and other fellow groundsmen are there to help you. Their advice and experience gained over many years will assist you in producing pitches that will encourage better cricket in Dorset and be the envy of your neighbours.

We at the DACG have two trailers holding specialist equipment that is essential for the preparation of quality cricket squares. This equipment may not be readily available to you though your club, and it can be difficult and costly to hire from local dealers.

If you have not already attended the Institute of Groundmanship Level 1 courses on cricket pitch preparation and renovation we can assist your club in paying the fees for these day courses held in Spring and Autumn each year here in Dorset.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by joining now. The DACG also has access to the correct cricket square grass seed at prices that you will find difficult to match elsewhere. This should appeal to club treasurers as well you.

So don’t struggle on trying to make do with whatever your club has to offer you in the way of equipment; take advantage of the best equipment available and make a difference to your pitches now. You will soon notice the improvement, and hopefully your customers will as well.

Yours in the struggle to provide better pitches,

Rod Hansford

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