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Coaches Association Meetings


Dorset Coaches AGM (9.2.15) and proposed Development slides.


The slides paint a picture of the ECB CA national scene and the proposed Dorset develpment

plans. Coaches are important to all active cricketers whatever the age.

If we can increase the number of coaches then we should have an impact on the number of active


The slides are appended below:


Chairman's report December 2013




The Dorset CA currently (16 September 2013) has 132 members – slightly down on last years figure of 150 and 162 in 2011. (Worrying trend – in spite of training new coaches each year).


We have 23 members who are eligible but have not paid their 2013 memberships.


There are 34 whose CRBs have expired and not been renewed.

This churn is also seen at regional and national level and it is a concern. Although the coaches get a renewal application from the ECB CA, which is followed by a direct email from Dorset, the trend is disturbing.


Coaches matter. Coached players are more satisfied and want to play more. The information from the insight initiative has revealed that:


91% of women and 75% of men value coaching.


69% of senior players in clubs have not had coaching but would like it.


Those who have been coached are more likely to continue playing.


The ECB objective for the next few years is to get more people playing more cricket in

teams. This has informed the Dorset KPIs and will determine our ECB funding level.

Hence we need to try to do more to retain our coaches who in turn can increase the number of happy participants.

To this end I would like to have a vice-chairman to concentrate on why Dorset coaches

drop-out and what we can do to try to retain them to develop cricket in their clubs.


Coach Education

It has been a busy year for the Dorset Tutor group as the details of the new coaching courses emerged and regional training weekends and evenings were attended. (Not to mention the on-line course material which had to be reviewed).


The result is that Dorset plans to run UKCC L2 Childrens course and one UKCC2 Young Persons and Adults course next year. As well as Coach Support Worker and Coaching in Schools courses.


In November 17 Dorset coaches gathered for an afternoon with Gary Worgan (Regional Training manager) who gave us a taste for the rationale for the new courses and an overview of the development of coach education. One of the underpinning themes is that “body types” determine the way a person moves and there is no prescriptive way of doing something. Outcomes are key provided that the action is safe.

A very enjoyable afternoon with lots of discussion with fellow Dorset coaches and a chance to stop and throw balls around.


Sky sports Awards

This year (February) the Dorset nominations for the Sky sports awards were:


Outstanding contribution – Rob Newton.


Coach of the Year – Greg Parsons.


Young Coach of the year – none identified this year.




The ECB CA national conference was very thought provoking and stimulating.

The information on “body types” delivered by Lordy was both thought provoking and logical (consider Peterson and Bell hitting a cover drive). This research is part of the rationale for developing the new coach education courses. We want first-class coaches to develop world-class players.


The SW Regional conference at Taunton on 15th Feb 2014 has taken some effort to organise. The line-up should be impressive and the day stimulating.

The first fifty Dorset coaches applying will get a rebate of £10 – so at £35 for the day including lunch and refreshments - it is a great deal.


Look forward to seeing you all there.


Tom Snape

Dorset CA 


The AGM of the Dorset Coaches Association will be held on Tuesday 17th December 7-30pm at Wimborne Cricket Club, The Leaze, King Street, Wimborne, BH21 1DY (directions below)

The agenda is below and if you have any items to discuss or would like to stand for any of the positions please can you let me know as soon as possible. Please confirm if you are able to attend or have an apology for absence.

1. Apologies

2. Minutes of the last AGM

3. Chairman's review of the last year.

4. Local awards.

5. Election of officers - Chairman, secretary, representative to the SW.

6. Coach Education Update

7. AOB.


ECB CA National Conference 

Opening speaker - Mathew Syes - The myth of talent.


See the attached for a report.






Present: Tom Snape, Richard Askew, Steve Bishopp, Neil Pack, Phil Calcott, Rob Newton, David Barton, Marisa Bartlett, Greg Parsons, Dave Cooper

Apologies:  Alan Willows, Joff Webb, Colin Moore, Steve Wilson, Alan Graham and Adrian Prince.

1.       Minutes of Previous AGM
Correction: David Cooper and John Maynard for their work over the years with Dorset Women’s team.
Otherwise the AGM minutes were agreed.

2.       Chairman’s Review
Good reviews of 17 November coaches training day.  The full text is on the web site.

3.       Dorset Local Reward
Money to be put towards sponsoring attendees at the National Conference.
Four people will be attending from Dorset – two funded by the ECB CA.

4.       Election of Officers
Tom Snape to continue as Chairman and Marisa Bartlett as Secretary.  Nominated by Greg Parsons seconded by Phil Calcott – carried by all.

Committee members are:  Greg Parsons, Four district head coaches, Dorset Head Coach, Keith Brewer, Phil Calcott and Steve Bishopp – others will be co-opted as necessary.

5.       AOB

a.       Coach Education Programme:  Rob Newton explained the outline for the future of the coaching programme.   There will be one more L1 course planned for next year in March 2013.  After that the existing qualification will finish and become either a Coaching Children (< U13) or Coaching Young Persons qualification (entry age will be 17 ½ years of age).  The new qualification has been tested once.  This will be an equivalent to L2 with diplomas as further qualifications.  Courses will be going live in Sept 2013 with relevant CPD.  They will heavily utilise the Howzat application.  Rob was concerned that this qualification will mean the loss of the entry level qualification for volunteers (L1) who may not follow on. However, it is designed to produce L2 coaches who can lead sessions in their age-groups from under-U13 and then progress to over-U13. (Currently 60% of members do L1 only and do not progress. L1 is an assistant coach award only.) We need more L2 coaches who have technical competence and coaching competence). Neil Pack noted that most clubs relied heavily on their L1 support coaches before they went to University – this may impact on this support.  


b.      Richard Askew mentioned an issue concerning the transportation of U18s to a cricket match by coaches. Coaches are not responsible for transport (ECB “Safe Hands”) and are advised not to transport children. It seems that adults transporting U18s must do this for free and must have third party insurance and passenger cover. If payment is given for travel, adults must have business insurance to ensure that they are properly covered should they be involved in an accident. (Note that payment is not normally the case with clubs). This means that Clubs arranging transport should ensure that adults must have at a minimum passenger cover. This applies to anybody providing transport to youth cricket matches. This is not yet a ClubMark requirement. This should be raised in the ECB CA national forum.

c.       Each attendee was asked what they wanted from the Dorset CA: 

Steve Bishopp mentioned that the Radcliff & Scott session two years ago as being particularly enabling. (Rob said that this was expensive course). For county and district coaches it was considered that having specialist high level coaches to run a session is very beneficial. The Richard Scott conference last year was also very beneficial. This year was fun but poorly attended. We need to attract the younger members.


d.      Phil C mentioned about having more members so that more money could be available in order to enable this.  Greg suggested having a Young Persons conference or setting up a Facebook page. Dave Barton agreed and mentioned about having someone with whom people could identify – can we get Paine to run a bowling session? We agreed that communicating effectively with the younger section was an issue to be addressed.

6.       Meeting ended 20.20 but discussions continued.

MB to send email re 4th Feb committee meeting at Wimborne CC.



Chairman's report 2012

1.      The Dorset CA currently has about 150 members – slightly down on last years figure of 162.

We have lost 30 members because of non-renewed CRB checks and a few who have just stopped coaching. There is an initiative to add club affiliation to the membership database. Hopefully, this will facilitate the CRB renewal process since 24 of our current members will have their CRB expire next year. Discussions at the national level at removing the link between membership criteria and CRB elicited the majority view that the ECB CA was for “practising coaches” who must have a valid CRB.


2.      This year the Dorset Coach Education Tutor group have run two L1 courses and are currently running a L2 course. In January, we are starting a Club Coach Course and another L1 will be held in March 2013.

These courses will increase our membership numbers.


3.      On the 17th November, 16 Dorset coaches gathered at Lytchett Manor School to play – something coaches rarely do. The theme was District cricket KPIs for the U10, U13 and U15 squads – the concept was briefly introduced in last years AGM.

The inner man was well supplied thanks to Debbie Calcott with sandwiches cakes, tea and coffee on tap.


We reviewed and experienced the tests and routines used to coach district U10 and U13 age-groups and EPP physical sessions. Matt Keetch (Dorset Youth Head coach) introduced some batting drills designed to promote agility, movement in the crease and balance.


Finally, Rob introduced an U15 batting medley and coaches joyfully hit balls with a variety of different shots and conditions.


A very enjoyable half-day conference but a very limited turnout of 16 including the presenters.


4.      This year the Dorset nominations for the Sky sports awards were:

a.      Outstanding contribution – Rob Newton – sadly Rob could not go to the event.

b.      Coach of the Year – Sean Fitzgerald – who has been invited to the National conference.

c.      Young Coach of the year – Dean Spicer for his work at Ellingham, district and county.


5.      The ECB CA are holding a national conference in January 2013 at Warwick University on 26/27th January. We are using the local reward money to subsidise some coaches to go. There is still some money left to fund some more - volunteers please quickly step forward.


The SW Regional coaches forum is planning to hold a one day conference in Taunton in February 2014. It should be very affordable and feature some top names from the coaching world. It is hoped to use the local reward money to subsidise Dorset coaches to attend that event.



Tom Snape

Dorset CA 


December 2012



Happy New Year to you all



Coaches AGM - Minutes

Minutes of the AGM held at Wimborne CC on  12th December 2011


Tom Snape, Keith Brewer, Phil Calcott, Mike Fisher, Rob Newton, Steve Bishop, Dean Spicer, Colin Moore, Clive Moore, Hugh Shakell, Barry Lewis, Julian Shackelton, Dave Cooper, David Shrubsole, Adrian Prince, Dave Lay, Neil Pack  



Joff Webb, Marisa Bartlett, David Barton, Allan Willows, Greg Parsons, Jim William, Jamie Snape and Sean Fitzgerald.


1.    Minutes of the previous AGM

Accepted as a true record of the previous meeting.

2.    Chairman’s review

The ECB CA are planning to introduce three categories of membership in 2012. They also plan to increase the annual fee to £30.

We held a ½ day conference this year which was attended by about 30 members with Richard Scott the keynote speaker. All other presentations were given by Dorset coaches.

See the web site for the full re view

3.    Local Reward and Recognition.

The ECB CA provide £500 to allow us to recognize and reward local coaches with a small thank you. This year the following were recognized for their work in Dorset:


Dean Spicer for his work as a young coach at Ellingham CC.

Duncan Crook for coaching and running so many teams at Broadstone CC.

Adie Prince for developing junior cricket at Wimborne CC.

David Cooper and John Maynard for their work over the years with the West Dorset Women’s team.

Colin Moore for putting in the years organizing and coaching juniors at Stalbridge.

Terry Warder for his long years developing and supporting youth cricket at Shaftesbury CC.

Grant Neven for his years of developing cricket at Portland Red Triangle.

Hugh Shakell for many years spent developing Shillingstone CC juniors, North Dorset and Dorset girls cricket.

Barry Lewis, Chairman of the Dorset Cricket Board personally presented certificates and vouchers for £50 to those coaches who could attend the AGM – pictures attached. 

4.    Election of Officers

Tom Snape was reappointed as Chairman and South West regional representative and Marissa Bartlett was re-elected as secretary. Dean Spicer volunteered to join the committee.

5.    AOB

a.     Half Day Conference

The conference was considered to be good value. Coaches particularly liked the Richard Scott keynote speech and the participatory sessions with Paul Tweedle and Sean Fitzgerald. It was noted that Rob Newton wore many hats that day – some with little notice – well done, Rob. Also thanks to Debbie and Phil Calcott who prepared and provided the food

It was expensive to put on - larger attendance and some sponsorship should be sought in future.

We also need to engage the L1s who were generally absent. Perhaps the word would spread and more would engage next time.

b.     District cricket KPIs & best practice

The Dorset Cricket Board agreed to a Dorset Youth Committee proposal to develop a District Cricket training KPIs and best practice for all age-groups. It was hoped to convene an early meeting of the District head Coaches and the Dorset head Coach to generate these documents. 

c.      Coach Ed programme 

          A request was made to run a spring L2 programme in 2012. Rob Newton

responded by stating that we ran one in spring last year and only had 7 on the

course – not cost-effective. In 2011/12 it was decided to run 1 x L2 and the Club Coach Development workshops. In 2013 it is planned to run two L2 courses.

d.     Chance to Shine

A Working in Schools module will be run in March or early April 2012.

e.     U21 District Programme

6 sessions are being provided in each district. This is designed to counter the drop-off in playing from the 16 plus age group. The West had over 80 nominations.

f.       Sky Sports Award

At the recent ceremony at Lords, Josh Digby was selected as Young Coach of the Year. Josh has been heavily involved with Dorset in the past.


g.     Active Dorset County Sports Partnership – icoach

Rob Newton urged everybody to sigh up to icoach which is run by Clive Nelson. It provides a programme of coach development workshops and courses such as Safeguarding Children.


Barry Lewis, on behalf of the Board, thanked all coaches for their work in Dorset.


The meeting closed at 20:16 pm 


Chairman’s report December 2011

Dorset CA memberships numbered 163 in October 2011 and we received a rebate of £652 to spend on behalf of our membership. Last years payment funded the ½ day Dorset Coaches conference.

This year the Dorset nominations for the Sky sports awards were David Barton (Outstanding Contribution and Services to Cricket Coaching), Neil Pack (Outstanding Coaching contribution) and Steve Bishop (Young coach of the year). They were all selected as West regional finalists. David and Neil watched England Sri Lanka at Cardiff in May. I look forward to a report of their day in Wales for the next news letter.

We did not play our annual coaches game of cricket in the sun this year and so broke the traditional way of ending the season with a fun bash for coaches. This is a very good way of meeting fellow coaches and exchanging ideas, so I hope we do better next year and have “calypso” cricket at a convenient ground.

The ECB CA is growing and changing. The membership fee will probably rise to £30 next year but is still considered to be good value compared to fees charged by other sporting bodies. There are also proposals being discussed to have different categories of membership: Non-qualified, Qualified (Existing) and Performance Coach. This will be more difficult to administer and to provide support for the different classes. I am currently not in favour as it also creates an “elitist” structure.  

It is likely that the national conference will be held in January 2013 at Warwickshire.  

As usual, Dorset will hold two L1 and one L2 coaching courses in 2011/12. If members want more informal local workshops, please voice your needs!

At last year’s AGM it was proposed that we hold a half-day conference. So we did. The theme was periodisation and the main speaker was Richard Scott who gave a presentation and demonstrations of some key parts of Middlesex’s planned training regime. (No fast bowling until after Xmas, ensure all aware of what is expected, use recorded competitive activities to drive up fitness levels and skills and maintain a league of performance stats throughout the training programme). He also gave some insights into Middlesex’s 40 over and 4 day game objectives. This was followed by active batting, bowling, fielding and keeping activities to progressively stretch players. Many thanks to everybody who presented or supported the event - great food – thanks Debbie.  

Finally, it is a pleasure, once again, to be able to reward, in a small way, some local Dorset coaches who have made enormous contribution to their clubs and districts over the years.


AGM on 12th December 2011 at Wimborne CC

AGM AGENDA for 2011

 1. Apologies

2. Minutes of the last AGM

3. Chairman's review of the last year.

4. Local awards.

5. Election of officers - Chairman, secretary,
  representative to the SW and committee members.

6. AOB 



Dear All,

Frome are looking for a senior coach - review and reply to Mike Cooper.


Frome Cricket Club


Coach Job Description


Frome CC is a long established Somerset Club currently going through a transitional period as we try to refresh and reinvigorate our senior sides. We run three senior teams with the 1st XI WEPL Somerset Division, 2nd XI in SCL Div 4 and 3rd XI in NSCL Sunday Div 1. In addition we run junior sides at U11, U13 and U15. We are a Focus Club and we have just completed a five year Chance to Shine programme. 


We are looking for an experienced, enthusiastic coach, with a minimum of ECB Club Coach or L2 qualification together with an extant CRB clearance, who is comfortable coaching adult and junior cricketers alike. Membership of the ECB Coaches Association is highly desirable although the appropriate insurance cover is essential. Initially the appointment would be for the 2012 season but with the hope that a mutually acceptable longer term arrangement can be agreed. Ideally we are looking for an individual who can in addition to coaching also play at WEPL Somerset Division standard.


The following sections provides an initial outline of what we are seeking but the detail would be subject to negotiation and agreement with the appointed coach.


Senior Coaching


The senior coaching requirements would be:


·         To plan and run a programme of pre-season indoor nets on a Sunday evening – start date TBC.

·         To plan and run a two hour outdoor training session once a week on a Wednesday evening during the season.

·         Two extra hours (flexible) per week one-to-one coaching with promising young senior cricketers aged roughly 16-21 during the season.

·         There may also be scope, if not playing, to accompany the 1st XI on a Saturday to review on field performances.          


Youth Coaching


·         To plan and run a programme of pre-season indoor nets, primarily with U15 and more confident U13 players on a Friday evening starting in January.

·         To plan and implement with age group coaches/volunteers 90 minute Friday evening spring/summer training sessions for U11 & U13 age groups.

·         To plan and implement with U15 team coaches/volunteers 90 minute training session, possibly Thursday evening.

·         Wherever possible, help out with junior fixtures on Monday/Tuesday evenings.

·         Potentially co-ordinate and coach/captain some friendly fixtures (say 3 or 4 over the season) on a Sunday to include as many 14-18 year-olds as possible, to provide a youth development side to bridge the gap between youth cricket and senior cricket.      


If you wish to have further discussions on the Club or the role the 1st XI captain, Sam Wheeler, is available on 07828 701589.




The remuneration package will be competitive and reflect the commitment and experience of the appointed individual.  


Application Process


If you wish to apply for this post please send an up to date CV and accompanying letter, no more the two sides, outlining why you think you are suitable for this role and what you could bring to Frome Cricket Club. Applications are to be sent to:


MJ Cooper

Hon Sec Frome Cricket Club

65 Nunney Road 



BA11 4LE


or by email to:


The closing date for applications is Wednesday 4th January 2012. A meeting to shortlist applicants will be held on Monday 9th January and interviews are planned for Monday 16th January. 








Minutes of the AGM held at Wimborne CC on 8/12/2010


 Tom Snape, Daren Luff, Peter Tucker, Hugh Lawes, Mike Fisher, Nick Jordan,

Rob Newton, Alan Graham, Neil Pack, Steve Bishop, Dean Spicer, Stuart Platts, Greg Parsons, Keith Brewer, Clive Moore.

 Apologises: Paul Tweedle, Julian Snook, Derek Lamb, Marisa Bartlett

 1.    Minutes of the previous AGM

 Not available.

 2.    Chairman’s review

 The ECB CA are planning to double in size by 2014. This will have an impact on all county CA organizations.

 See the web site for the full review.

 3.    Local Reward and Recognition.

 The ECB CA provide £500 to allow us to recognize and reward local coaches. With the help of Dave Porter this allowed six hundred pounds of equipment to be provided. This year 3 coaches were chosen from each region and awarded a voucher for £50 to be spent on kit from Dorset Cricket Supplies.

Coaches were chosen who were (and many still are) instrumental in establishing and maintaining their club’s youth section.

Clive Moore enjoyed presented certificates and vouchers to the following:


David Lay – Bransgore

Steve Bishop – Wayfarers and district.

Alan Graham – Parley, district and county.


Julian Snook  - Wayfarer’s & Broadstone

Nick Jordan – Corfe Mullen

Mike Fisher – Hamworthy & district



Pete 'Tommy' Tucker – Dorchester & the Dorset Disabled side

Hugh Lawes – Weymouth, district and county.

Eddie Clark – Uplyme, Developing School Club links with West Dorset School Sports Partnership and district.


John Dike – Stalbridge

Nick Dyke – Bradford Abbas

Derek Lamb – Milton Abbas.

 The Dorset coaches local rewards and recognition scheme allows us to recognise their immense contribution in a small way. More details posted on the Dorset Board web site

4.    Election of Officers


Unanimously: Tom Snape was reappointed as Chairman and South West regional representative and Marissa Bartlett was elected as secretary.


5.    AOB

 a.     Development

Keith Brewer outlined a project using Community Coaching funding which would allow district head coaches to support local club coaching sessions to improve the coaching given. The particular clubs would be identified in discussions.


b.      Sidearm – a new coaching tool. In discussion about this the following comments were made:

·         Takes time to master and can generate very sharp deliveries – up to 85 mph.

·         Use bowling machine balls to start with.

·         Good with fielding drills.

c.      Chance to Shine

Coaches seeking to help in these projects should talk to Keith or Rob.

d.     Sherborne School 

Seeking coaches for 3 afternoons per week from April to the end of June 2011.

e.     Emerging Player programme

Rob Newton reported that the EPP is still ongoing with some successful trials and attendance at the Hampshire Academy.

 f.       Half Day Conference

Comments were made that the Richard Scott sessions were informative and enjoyable and there was a general aspiration to hold a ½ day conference later in 2011. It was felt that half a day would appeal to many if it was held in an afternoon or evening.

It was also felt that we have the contacts to draw upon.

The following agreed to be part of a planning sub-committee that would consider the what, how and when – Rob Newton, Alan Graham, Darren Luff and Nick Jordan.


The next committee meeting would be held in late January 2011 – time and place to be agreed – chairman to action.


With no further business the meeting closed at 20:16 pm 



Chairman’s report December 2010

We produced a June news letter incorporating information from the ECB CA National conference in January – no feedback received. Does anybody read this stuff which does take some effort to produce?

Phil Calcott (Outstanding Coaching contribution) and Jon Armfield (Young coach of the year) were both recognised and attended regional (Cardiff for Phil and Lords for Jon) reward ceremonies. I look forward to the report of their experiences for the next news letter.

The coaches six-a-side competition & BBQ on the 18th September at Shillingstone CC was well attended and “EAST won the “bowl-out” on a superb sunny day. The BBQ provided steak and onions as well as vegetarian options. A day for coaches to enjoy the sport.

A national regional conference was held on 23/24 October at Lords to share “best practice”, including coach education. Rob Newton & Tom Snape attended. The ECB CA plan to double their membership to 2300 in the next 4 years (currently about 14000). The impact of this on the county CAs was explored and common issues identified.

There is also a plan to roll out a new Howzat resource in 2011 which will bring many benefits including the updating of contact information by on-line interaction.

There are a number of actions from this conference – the first one is to increase the profile of women coaches in the CA and the second to plan the rollout of the Howzat.

As usual, we had a very precise coach education programme devised by Greg Parsons base on feedback from each district. It was skewed this time because Sherborne School requested a L1 course in January 2011. Nevertheless, the county have scheduled three L1 and two L2 courses this year. Last year we put on some specialist local courses but there seemed to be no demand this year.

Dorset CA membership currently stands at 139 (August ECB stats). We will increase this next year by building in a subscription in the coach education fees at L1 & L2. This will also increase our coach education statistics. The ECB CA is going for growth and this will affect us in some ways.

Finally, it has been an absolute pleasure to nominate 12 local Dorset coaches who have made enormous contribution to their clubs and districts over the years. It is only a pity that we can only offer the paltry sum of £50 when they really want to go to Australia.

It is an excellent way to spend the money provided by the ECB CA for “local rewards”.


Chairman’s report 2009

We were restructured at the last AGM so that the district head coaches, the Dorset head coach, the development officer for CEd and the CDO formed the bulk of the new committee. The intent was a better flow of information downwards from the ECB CA and flow upwards from local members. This would drive the planning for the Dorset coach education programme and allow the identification of CPD for our coaches.

It seems to be working – at least from my perspective.

We have had three formal committee meetings since September. At our first one we decided to adopt a colour of track suit to provide a specific identity for Dorset CA members – a tasteful green. 

One of our key concerns was communicating information to all our members and we produced a newsletter in January 2009. I hope this was useful.


To facilitate Continuous Professional Development, we held a county and District managers meeting last December in which Matt and Rob demonstrated conditioning activities and ECB fielding tests.

We followed this with 4 free workshops organised by Greg and held in the North and South. Some of these were, sadly, poorly attended.

This was followed in February, by a practical session with Middlesex county coaches at the Dorset cricket centre. Currently, Greg has organised an LTAD session on 15th December for district coaches.

In the local reward and recognition scheme, funded by the ECB CA, a number of district coaches attended a 20/20 match at the Rose Bowl. I note that the north contingent arrived via Portsmouth. 

Our nominations for the Sky Sports Coach Awards were selected to attend their regional activities and John Sibley, Hugh Shakell and Paul Tweddle all thoroughly enjoyed their day hosted by the ECB CA and funded by Sky.

We are now experiencing a 51% uptake in CA membership from the coaching courses and our membership is up by 12% but 32 coaches will have their CRB expire this year 

Finally, an enjoyable 5-a-side session was held between the district coaches at Shillingstone in September on a glorious hot, late summer’s day.


DEVON CA Conference 2009

For the reports on the conference see:

Lots of good information - especially about leadership/motivation characteristics.

Sky Coaches reward 2009 – John Sibley

Unbeknown to me, the Dorset Cricket Coaches Association had very kindly nominated me for a Sky Sports Coach Award. Even more surprising was the fact that the Sky team had accepted this nomination and invited me to join them at the first One Day International between England and Australia. I was delighted to accept this offer, and particularly so, as I had never been to an International at the recently developed Brit Oval or indeed attended a Day/Night match.


Eight coaches had been selected and I was pleased to find out that Hugh Shackell and his wife Margaret, who do such good work with the Dorset Girls sides, were also there. After a coffee, we were shown to our seats and were able to watch both sides going through their pre-match routines. This is something that always fascinates me and I was impressed with the thoroughness with which both teams approached their drills.


Before the start of the match, we were escorted on to the pitch where we were to receive our Coaching Achievement Certificates from Nick Knight. This was recorded by the Sky Sports team and was shown on the big screen. We even received applause from the crowd although I am not sure if they knew what was actually happening.

We were treated to a superb lunch before taking our places to watch the match. Although, England restricted the Aussies to 260 – 5, they just failed to win the match by 4 runs. Adil Rashid with 10 overs for 37 and a well constructed 31 runs looked a great prospect but with Shah stepping on his wicket and Luke Wright being run out off a wide, the luck and victory went to the Australians.

It was a superb day out and I am indebted to the Coaches Association for my nomination. If I had one regret, it would be that Clive Hayward, who has assisted me for 14 years was not similarly recognised. Although we would have liked one more year with our present team, apparently, 2009 has probably been our last season coaching the boys and we leave knowing that we have encouraged a considerable number to enjoy this great game and that many of them have gone on to represent the Minor Counties side.


Dear Member,

At the AGM, on 21st September, we elected a new committee.

The introduction of the post of District Head Junior coaches provided an opportunity for restructuring so that the Dorset Head coach, Matt Keech, and the four new District Head coaches would be members of the committee. The rationale is that information and drills from the elite English coaching methods and the Dorset Academy program could flow down into the districts via a single-point-of contact. In addition, since the District Head coaches would be embedded into the district and club coaching scene, the needs of fellow district coaches could easily flow upwards to drive the coach education programme. One example is the new fielding drill tests which are used by the English cricket team, demonstrated by Matt on 6th December, another is the recent four free workshops put together by Greg.

Amongst other things, the District Head coaches are also responsible for developing their fellow district coaches - so contact them with any issues or needs you have.

One of the problems that the ECB CA faces is that by the end of 2009, there will be an estimated 3800 CRB renewals required. If anybody in Dorset is facing this position, please contact your District Head coach or the Cricket Centre and we will help with a "sign-off" in your locality.

There has never, in my experience, been a better time to develop your skills and knowledge as a coach. We have CDs with exciting video footage and new drills to impart. You have the contacts - have you the desire?

Have a very good new year.

Tom Snape

Chairman of the DCA

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