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Dorset Disabled Cricket


Mark Pickersgill manages the Dorset disabled cricket team and he is looking for new players who might be keen to play cricket and get involved. Mark can be contacted on 07976 270832.
Please find details of all sessions within the 'Training Sessions' page under the main 'Dorset Disabled Cricket' tab.


It is a realisation that for disability cricket to progress within Dorset the current structure needs to be improved. The current pathway for players is not yet established. It currently includes school cricket and County cricket. By 2013 it is the County’s vision to have in place a schools coaching structure which ensures a constant supply of quality coaching in special needs schools. It is also an aim to form 3 new special need clubs that will form a Dorset league. Each school in Dorset will then be linked to a club to help further development and give players a more structured pathway from school. 



    To have in place a yearly block of coaching sessions for each school. This includes schools for the deaf, blind, as well as for those with physical or mental disability.

  2. CLUBS

    To form 3 new disability clubs in the Dorset region. Having one in each area so that the schools can be linked to each club.


    To set up an Intro to Cricket course annually for special needs school teachers. This will then give the teachers a basic knowledge in coaching cricket so they can deliver sessions of their own in school time. Get more club coaches completing the course for coaching people with disabilities.


    Have running a new disability league format involving 4 teams or more. The County side to be competing in fixtures across the South West of England. An annual Disability Cricket Festival for the schools to compete against each other.


To set a foundation for the future of disabled cricket in Dorset by contacting special need schools and arranging coaching sessions to commence in the coming Spring/ Summer.

To generate interest in developing a special needs team within clubs at the annual Focus Club meeting.



    Research and collate information on all the Deaf and Visually Impaired schools through the county with the intention of contacting them to make arrangements for setting up a structure that involves coaching sessions in their schools. Any schools that feel the sessions are not suitable for their students because of profound disabilities, look to introduce alternatives like an introduction to table cricket.

  2. CLUBS

    Contact existing mainstream clubs about the possibility of setting up a disability side within their club. To provide the support and resources needed in terms of funding, facilities, training and man hours to help any new and developing clubs.


    To contact the regional Partnership Development Managers about the possibility of organising a Cricket for Teachers course for special school teachers.


    To improve the structure of the schools festival so each team is of a more equal ability. The primary change will be to organise a festival for both MLD and SLD, and to include age categories. Until the three new clubs are established along with the new county 4 team league, support will be maintained for Dorchester Disability Club and County side in their fixtures across the South West. Once new clubs have been formed, a District structure to be introduced that gives players a chance to play at a representative level