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The name of the League shall be the Dorset Cricket League (hereinafter called ‘the League’ and may be modified to include the name of any sponsor as and when appropriate.


The objectives of the League shall be to provide the highest possible standard of league cricket throughout Dorset in accordance with the objectives of the England and Wales Cricket Board. 


3.1 Membership shall be open to all clubs whose constitution includes the following statement: “Membership shall be open to all, irrespective of age, gender, disability, race, ethnic origin, creed, colour, social status, sexual orientation.”

3.2 The league shall consist of separate Saturday and Sunday Competitions and shall be set up in divisions and be open to such teams as are approved by the Annual General Meeting of the Dorset Cricket League & Associates

3.3 The number of teams participating in either competition may vary. Any team applying for membership must be required to demonstrate its ability to meet certain criteria set by, and regularly reviewed by the League Management Committee.

3.4 Any new team wishing to join any of the competitions should apply in writing to the League Secretary, not later than the 31st December in the year prior to that in which entry is to be operative. Such entrants, to either of the League Competitions, shall be placed in the lowest division, unless a special case is made and is approved by the League Management Committee.

3.5 All league clubs must have in place Public and Employers’ Liability Insurance. A copy of this insurance must be  displayed in the clubhouse. Cover is mandatory and clubs may be approached from time to time for proof of such.

3.6  Each club must maintain a bank account in its own name.


4.1 The League shall be played under the auspices of the Dorset Cricket League & Associates. The management of the League shall be vested in the Management Committee, which shall be elected at the AGM and shall consist of the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, General Secretary, Results Secretary, Fixture Secretary, Treasurer, DACO Representative, 5 representatives of Saturday League clubs and 2 representatives of Sunday League clubs. The Cricket Development Manager shalll be invited to attend as an ex-officio member, together with representatives of each of the constituent bodies. 

4.2 The Management Committee may appoint Sub-Committees and will have powers to co-opt other persons as necessary.

4.3 The Management Committee will meet as and when necessary (five persons are required to form a quorum) to ensure the proper control and management of the League and to hear any protest or breach of the rules which come to its notice. The Management Committee shall also be responsible for administering the funds made available and the Treasurer shall deposit such funds in an approved bank account and be responsible for keeping all records of the League’s financial transactions.  The Management Committee should act in the best interest of cricket in Dorset at all times.

4.4 All Committee Members shall normally receive at least 14 days notice of Management Committee Meetings and special meetings.

4.5 Decisions of the Management Committee shall be carried by a simple majority.

4.6 Decisions made by the Management Committee in the course of managing the League, shall be final and binding on all member clubs.


5.1 The Annual General Meeting of the League shall take place before the end of November in each year, at a venue, date and time to be decided by the Dorset Cricket League & Associates.

5.2 Notice of the AGM will be circulated to member Clubs at least three weeks before the date of the meeting.

5.3 Member Clubs wishing to propose changes to the regulations and playing conditions must notify the League Secretary in writing of such proposals not later than 31st October.

5.4 All clubs must be represented at the AGM and the “Spring Meeting”, held before the end of March. This also applies to clubs who are the subject of any “special” meetings called. Failure to do so will result in a fine of £50.

5.5 All AGM motions will be deemed to be carried if supported by at least two thirds of the bona-fide Club representatives present and voting. Each club shall have one vote. The quorum for the AGM shall be one third of the League member clubs.

5.6 Nominations for the posts of Officers of the League must be received by the League Secretary, in writing, not later than 31st October. In the absence of nominations, the existing committee may put forward recommendations.

5.7 The following business shall be transacted at the Annual General Meeting:

a. Approve the minutes of the last AGM.

b. Receive a report from the League Secretary on the previous season.

c. Receive a report from the Treasurer on the accounts, for the year ending 30th September.

d. Elect the following Officers and Management Committee Members- Chairman,Vice-Chairman, League Secretary, Results Secretary, Fixture Secretary, Treasurer and seven club representatives.

e. Consider any rule changes, proposals and arrangements for the forthcoming season, from member Clubs or the Management Committee, of which notice shall be sent out with the AGM agenda.


 An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called by the Management Committee or by not less than 30 Member Clubs, in writing to the League Secretary, setting out the reason for such meeting. The League Secretary shall call the Extraordinary Meeting within three weeks of such a requisition. No other business may be transacted at the meeting, other than that set out in the Agenda. The rules contained in section 5.5 will apply.


7.1 The Annual Subscription to the League shall be determined at the Annual General Meeting of the Dorset Cricket League and Associates.

7.2 Any club which has not paid its Dorset Cricket League & Associates’ affiliation fees and League Subscription by 31 March shall incur an automatic fine of £50 immediately and a 20 points deduction applied to every team participating in league competitions. An additional 20 points per team deduction will be applied for each weekend of the League season, until such times as payment is received by the Treasurer.

7.3 Payment of DACO expenses shall be made to the League Treasurer by a post dated cheque (24th June), by 31st March. Refunds due to clubs, for matches not played or where less than 10 overs are bowled, will be made by Bank Transfer, at the end of September.


All protests by member clubs must be made in writing/email and lodged with the League Secretary within seven days of the alleged breach of rules.


Regulations and Playing Conditions may be altered at the AGM (see section 5.3 above). The Management Committee is authorised to deal with any matters which may arise, not covered by the Regulations and Playing Conditions.


Member clubs will be invited to enter the League for the subsequent season and provide details of their ground availability, by submitting a form and entry fee (as decided from time to time by the Management Committee). This form must be lodged with the Fixture Secretary, by 31st December. A club withdrawing a team from the League after the fixtures have been made will be subject to a fine of £50.


 Perpetual trophies shall be returned to the League Secretary, by the 30th September each year. Trophies are to be returned in the same condition as received and any loss or damage to such trophies shall be the responsibility of the club holding the trophy. 


The League colours shall be green and gold.








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