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Minutes of the:
STALBRIDGE CC 9th November 2011

Clive Moore, Joff Webb, Tom Snape, David Barton, Keith Brewer, Colin Moore, Hugh Shackell,  Phil Calcott, Steve Cake, Ian Moore, Steve Fowles, Kevin Whitmore

Colin Chastey

Signed as a true record.

The last 12 months have seen the England Cricket Team become the number one test team in the World.  This of course is the pinnacle of the game, but without grass roots cricket and in particular youth cricket achievements such as this wouldn’t be possible.  From Chance to Shine, club and district cricket, the stars of tomorrow are found.  Not everyone of course will play for England, but it’s important for the future of our game at all levels that we provide the right structure and setting for all of our young players to reach their potential and to enjoy playing.  This I truly believe is what we do in North Dorset through the dedication of volunteers across the district at our clubs.  Without your support, youth cricket simply wouldn’t happen.  My grateful thanks go to you all for the considerable time that you give up.

Our league and cup winners this year were as follows:

U9: Winners Stalbridge; Runners up Blandford
U11: Winners Stalbridge “A”; Runners up Shillingstone
U13: Winners Shillingstone; Runners up Buckhorn Weston
U15: Winners Blandford “A” ; Runners up Stalbridge

U15: Winners Stalbridge; Runners up Marnhull

Well done also to Stalbridge U11’s who became Dorset county champions by beating Dorchester U11’s.

Our congratulations to all.

It was particularly pleasing that we introduced competitive cricket for U9’s in 2011.  This was an important step forward especially as it links primary school children with clubs.  Once again this is an essential part of our development programme and I look forward to seeing this expand in 2012, not only at our clubs but also via the U9 sessions that we intend to run again at Sturminster Leisure Centre on Saturday afternoons.

2011 saw us become more financially autonomous.  Although we currently run our own accounts, this step forward gave us full accountability rather than banking some of our income centrally to the Board.  As we move into 2012, it’s important that we maintain a healthy account. One of the areas where we made a loss was in the district coaching programme with certain age groups.  Whilst making a profit isn’t the main aim, it’s important for us to remain fluid and to that end I am pleased to see some very healthy numbers of players going through the district assessment programme (some 158 in total).  We should therefore have good numbers at our coaching sessions at Clayesmore School in the New Year

The Dorset Cricket Board sees NDCA as a good example of how a district association should be run.  This of course wouldn’t be possible without the time and support of a hard working committee who once again have given up their time to ensure the smooth running of the association.  My thanks to you all.  Thank you also to our sponsors who continue to provide much needed funds that help underpin our efforts.

Tom Snape provided an outline of income and expenditure for 2011. Income was £7,752 and expenditure £7,756. There are two outstanding unpaid invoices: £200 (donation) from the Ranston Evening League and £50 due from Dykes Supermarket for handbook advertising.


U10s– Lead Coach David Barton, Manager John Harrison
U11s – Lead Coach David Barton, Manager Erica Baker
U12s – Lead Coach Joff Webb supported by Nick Knight, Manager Matt Chant
U13s – Lead Coach and Manager Ian Moore
U14s – Lead Coach and Manager Phil Calcott
U15s -  Lead Coach and Manager Tom Snape

Clive Moore proposed that committee be re-elected en bloc, seconded by Hugh Shackell.  Motion carried unanimously.

PRESIDENT : Clive Moore,  CHAIRMAN :Joff Webb,  VICE-CHAIR: Colin Moore,  SECRETARY : David Barton, TREASURER : Tom Snape.

ELECTION OF COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Terry Warder, Chris Baker, Ian Moore, Steve Cake, Phil Calcott, Steve Fowles

Joff Webb is standing down.  Any coach interested (minimum qualification is Club Coach) should make contact with Joff Webb in the first instance.  A decision will then be made by DCB in the near future

1.) The indoor 6-a –side league will begin on 6th January at Sturminster Newton Leisure Centre and will continue until March 2012. Despite the current difficulties at the leisure centre (withdrawal of District Council funding) NDCA should be able to hire the hall as long as we can provide qualified and insured personnel during matches.
4.) U9 sessions will take place on Sat afternoons 2-4pm from 7th January with the net being available at the same time for 1:1 coaching.

2.) Hugh Shackell asked whether Sherborne School U14s and U15s (who have been invited to District Coaching Sessions) would be available for district matches.  Joff Webb  assured Hugh that they would be and had played in games during 2011.

3.) Keith Brewer reminded clubs of the importance of updating Clubmark. Bournemouth CC have recently been threatened with expulsion from the Southern league as their Clubmark has expired.  Greg Parsons will be in touch with those clubs that need to update (2 in North Dorset).

5.) Keith Brewer will send a list of District Fixtures to David Barton in the near future which will be circulated to clubs. NDCA will be expected to arrange grounds for all these fixtures.

6.) Each district age group will have 3 matches as in previous years. DCB would like to move towards 6 matches in the future (home and away for each fixture).  Also there will be a move towards separating District and County coaching sessions in the long run, as and when districts are able to put out teams without including county players. David Barton agreed to place county managers contact details on the website.

7.) U21s have funding for coaching sessions from DCB and about 12 players have expressed interest so far.  This may identify new players for Dorset A but will also benefit the clubs in the district. Funding includes a kit bag and 8 weeks of coaching (16 hours).  Sessions will make use of those sessions freed up by combining the U14 and U15 coaching sessions.

8.) Joff Webb outlined his proposal for financing district coaches and manager time in 2012 (see appendix).  Joff proposed that NDCA adopt this proposal and Phil Calcott seconded.  Motion carried unanimously.

The meeting closed at 8.40pm


It has been proposed by the Dorset Cricket Board that a fee of £500 be paid to age group district head coaches for running and administering both the winter training programme and match programme in the summer.

NDCA tends to split the responsibilities between coaching and administration, so therefore the proposal for NDCA is as follows:

 Lead Coach to claim in the usual way at £12 per hour for the 24 hours of coaching = £288

 Lead Coach to claim in the usual way at £50 per district match = £150

 Lead Coach or manager/assistant coach to claim in the usual way for admin = £62

 This totals £500

 Assistant coach to claim in the usual way at £8 per hour for district coaching

This payment structure will enable recompense not only for district coaching done, but for match and administration time and costs.