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A Club Looking to Recruit Volunteers

Making volunteering a success - five steps to make sports volunteering successful

Step 1

  • Analyse your club's needs and determine if hosting volunteers is suitable.
  • Check that your club is properly organised and able to manage new volunteers appropriately.
  • Ensure that adequate provision has been made to pay any agreed expenses to the volunteer whilst commencing club duties.

Step 2

  • Devise a Role Description for that role that you would like your volunteers to undertake. The Role Description should detail exactly what tasks that your club is expecting the volunteer to complete.

Sample Role Descriptions are available for you to edit to your exact needs

Step 3

  • Once you have identified your volunteers ask them to complete a membership / registration form and meet with them to discuss both the clubs needs and any individual needs or concerns that they might have.
  • Ensure that all volunteers are Criminal Records Bureau checked and all relevant references have been undertaken. Further information can be obtained through

Step 4

  • Ensure that all volunteers are properly inducted and know who to contact if any problems or issues arise

Step 5

  • Make sure that your club's volunteers have the adequate support and training that they need to go about their tasks and duties.
  • Arrange regular update meetings to discuss and evaluate their role as well identifying any training or additional assistance that might be needed.
  • Recognise your volunteers through a variety of ways: say ‘Thank you’ or gain national recognition through NatWest OSCAs